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Bulk expanding disks after increasing their physical size


This script deals with expanding the logical volumes in windows after they have been expanded in the hypervisor. It will work on any windows server which you have remote PowerShell access to, in fact it tests for that before attempting to expand the disks.

It does however make an assumption about disks and volumes. They are hard coded rather than dynamically determined. You’ll need to update it for your server drive lettering standards.


  • Works remotely
  • Works on multiple servers at once



PowerShell crashes when using start-job in a loop

In one of my scripts I needed to implement a kind of watch dog for part of the script which had a tendency to barf and get stuck. I settled on using start-job with a timeout so I just wrapped the buggy method in that and then give it 15 seconds to comply before terminating. When the next loop runs it starts by looking for any dead process threads and kills them so all the memory doesn’t fill up. For those interested – the $workbook.close() sometimes just sat there and did nothing until I killed the excel.exe process.
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Hide SharePoint calculated columns from display form with PowerShell

HidingWhile creating a column which hyperlinked through to another list I’d created a few calculated columns which were showing up in the display form of items.

You can’t hide calculated columns in the same way as with regular columns, some of these pains are mentioned in the reference sites.

Below is the PowerShell I used in the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell to hide them.

I’ve commented out two options since they are quite useful to retain in most circumstances.

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Create a SharePoint group with permissions and add an AD group to it



  • Create a SharePoint group in a site collection
  • Assign that group an existing permission for Site Permissions list
  • Add an Active Directory group to that SharePoint group
  • Read the values from a CSV file
  • Repeat for 1000 groups spread across multiple site collections
  • The Site Collection Admin will run the script and be added as owner automatically



function global:New-SPGroup {
#Parameters that the script offers out to use,
# e.g. New-SPGroup -SiteCollection “
http://intranet/sitecollection” -ADGroupName “domain\ADgroup” -SPGroupName “SharePoint Group 1” -SPGroupDescription “Group Description” -SPGroupPermission “Permission”

#Required variabales for dev or single item runs, remove # and highlight from here down to above CSV section in Powershell ISE
#$SiteCollection = “
#$ADGroupName = “domain\adgroup”
#$SPGroupName = “My Test Group A1”
#$SPGroupDescription = “Test Group A1’s Description” #Note: do not use” – ” in description, i.e. space hyphen space
#$SPGroupPermission = “Read”

#Start of script
$site = Get-SPWeb $SiteCollection

#Check if the group already exists
if ($site.SiteGroups[“SPGroupName”] -eq $null)

#Ensure Group/User is part of site collection users beforehand and add them if needed

# Get the AD Group/User in a format that PowerShell can use otherwise there will be a string error
$ADGroupSPFriendly = $site | Get-SPUser $ADGroupName

#Create the SharePoint Group – Group Name, Group Owner, Group Member, Group Description. Can’t add AD group yet…
$NewSPGroup = $site.SiteGroups.Add($SPGroupName, $site.CurrentUser, $site.CurrentUser, $SPGroupDescription)
$NewSPAccount = $site.SiteGroups[“$SPGroupName”]

#Assign the Group permission
$GroupAssignment = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPRoleAssignment($NewSPAccount)
$GroupRole = $site.RoleDefinitions[“$SPGroupPermission”]

#Add the AD Group/User to the group, can’t be done during group creation when using Powershell otherwise errors so is done now.
Set-SPUser -Identity $ADGroupSPFriendly -Web $SiteCollection -Group $SPGroupName

#Read from the CSV input file
#CSV file must have header row – SiteColl, AdSecGroup, SPSecGroupName, SPGroupDesc, SPGroupPerm
#No “” around any items in the CSV file are needed
$csv = Import-csv -path D:\DEVGroupNameCSVFile2.csv
if ($csv -ne $null) {
foreach($line in $csv)
[string]$SiteCollection = $line.SiteColl;
[string]$ADGroupName = $line.AdSecGroup;
[string]$SPGroupName = $line.SPSecGroupName;
[string]$SPGroupDescription = $line.SPGroupDesc;
[string]$SPGroupPermission = $line.SPGroupPerm

New-SPGroup -Site $SiteCollection -ADGroupName $ADGroupName -SPGroupName $SPGroupName -SPGroupDescription $SPGroupDescription -SPGroupPermission $SPGroupPermission;


I hope someone else finds this script useful since all I found on the web were partial answers at best, and with a few solutions that didn’t match the requirement.

Errors encountered along the way and running the script

“You cannot add a domain group to a group.” – You can however add your AD group to the SharePoint group after is it created, just not while you are creating it. Resolved by the last part of the function.

Exception calling “Add” with “4” argument(s): “The specified name is already in use. Please try again with a new name.” – As it implies, this is a duplicate item in your CSV file.


Basis for script –

Additional information that you might find useful –

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