Adding a second WordPress site to Windows Azure

cloneWe needed to deploy a development instance of WordPress for our soon-to-be built new public site so I looked at adding a second instance to our existing Azure subscription. Going through the portal reports that you’ve reached your MYSQL limit when you try to add another – nice.

There is mention of adding a second WordPress instance and using the same DB although I’m not willing to entertain that, Prod is Prod & hallowed be that principle.

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Plugins fail to update on Azure hosted WordPress

Ever since we moved our WordPress blog to Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud hosting platform (see post), plugins have failed to update rendering them broken – this can quickly become a pain if it’s critical such as your SPAM comment plug-in!
The issue is mentioned ad nauseum here but I’m able to delete the plugin to get around the problem that some others seem unable to do, hence sharing our solution:

Steps to workaround the problem

1. Follow the post here on getting your FTP username and password if you haven’t already got it, then setup your connection in FileZilla.

2. Browse to the ftp path –  /site/wwwroot/wp-content/plugins, make a note of what appears there and compare it to your list of plugins installed on WordPress (wp-admin/plugins.php)

3. In Filezilla, delete the folders that refer to the failed updates.


4. In WordPress (wp-admin/plugins.php) re-add the plugins, then activate and configure them.




Hope this helps you. You’ll need to do this each time a plugin needs updating – dull!
However, from the thread mentioned above, it looks like a fix will be deployed pretty soon…