Create Search Server Express 2010 slipstream installation media


While reinstalling Search Server Express 2010 for a customer I found there wasn’t a hughe amount of help out there for how to slipstream Search Server Express 2010. The process isn’t really different to SharePoint Server 2010 Standard or Enterprise but does vary a little to Foundation.

Here is a little guidance on how to create slipstreamed installation media for Search Server Express 2010.

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QR Codes in a SharePoint List

Bridge-to-the-futureConnecting the physical and digital world with SharePoint 2010 and QR codes.


I’m on-site in Vietnam with a customer who is starting their SharePoint journey as well the wider journey to becoming a data driven business.  We’ve been running through business and technical discovery sessions for over a week now and something came out of one of the meetings which was begging to have SharePoint step in and save the day.

The business problem

In this furniture design and manufacturing company, the product development team produce CAD drawing of parts and assembled components which then get issued to the production team.  These hardcopy drawings are used to build the components to specification.

What happens from time to time is a breakdown in communication where a drawing gets revised, but the production team don’t get informed quickly enough and items continue to get made from out of date drawings wasting time, money and therefore profit.

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