SharePoint 2013 Make the document icon in a document library work

We have a customer who is using Colligo Engage for Outlook, uploading emails to SharePoint Online and tagging them with some additional metadata for other departments to keep track of what is occurring.

All of that is well and good but the name column was just too long to display along with all the other columns in the library view. This is a pretty common problem with long file names and one you can usually solve with users who are uploading traditional files but with this process they didn’t modify the file name Colligo automatically generated.

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Cut Over Migration and DirSync with Office 365

DragonsInstalling DirSync is not fun, easy or short. Do not make any assumptions about how long it will take to setup. I say this because I spent several wasted hours trying to use the default install and let it install SQL Express automatically and it failed with a whole host of different errors each time I uninstalled, cleaned up and tried again.

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