Adding a second WordPress site to Windows Azure

cloneWe needed to deploy a development instance of WordPress for our soon-to-be built new public site so I looked at adding a second instance to our existing Azure subscription. Going through the portal reports that you’ve reached your MYSQL limit when you try to add another – nice.

There is mention of adding a second WordPress instance and using the same DB although I’m not willing to entertain that, Prod is Prod & hallowed be that principle.

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Plugins fail to update on Azure hosted WordPress

Ever since we moved our WordPress blog to Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud hosting platform (see post), plugins have failed to update rendering them broken – this can quickly become a pain if it’s critical such as your SPAM comment plug-in!
The issue is mentioned ad nauseum here but I’m able to delete the plugin to get around the problem that some others seem unable to do, hence sharing our solution:

Steps to workaround the problem

1. Follow the post here on getting your FTP username and password if you haven’t already got it, then setup your connection in FileZilla.

2. Browse to the ftp path –  /site/wwwroot/wp-content/plugins, make a note of what appears there and compare it to your list of plugins installed on WordPress (wp-admin/plugins.php)

3. In Filezilla, delete the folders that refer to the failed updates.


4. In WordPress (wp-admin/plugins.php) re-add the plugins, then activate and configure them.




Hope this helps you. You’ll need to do this each time a plugin needs updating – dull!
However, from the thread mentioned above, it looks like a fix will be deployed pretty soon…

Image is crucial, so where did they go?

The mysterious case of missing blog post images after migration.


Well, I wish it was mysterious. Actually, it was pretty obvious. The WordPress import tool isn’t exactly what you’d call robust.

Going into the wp-content/uploads folder on old hosting location (GoDaddy) and the new (Azure) showed that the WordPress import tool missed/failed to get the uploads folders from three years worth of blog posts.



So, all that was needed was to sync up the folders. No stress. Here we go.

Getting your FTP username and password for an Azure Web Site.

Thanks to Bertrand Le Roy’s blog post on where to find the user name because what you would consider to be the likely candidates for your login – the deployment user account shows as not set.

1. From your dashboard on Azure for the blog, download the publish profile –


2.  the XML file find your FTP user username and passwords –


Copy the missing files between the old and new location

1. Configure Filezilla with the connection to the FTP address listed on the dashboard.

2. Upload the missing years or months media from your old blog, either a local backup like the one I took or directly between the two FTP sites.

Why did it happen?

I’m sure a WordPress expert out there could reveal the mystery in detail, and migrating blogs isn’t exactly my day job – we’ll chalk this one down to “something went wrong but it was easy to fix”.

Some images from IPEXPO Earl’s Court 2011


We were at the IPEXPO yesterday to meet with some partners, friends and business associates. As is always the case with these events – you get out what you put in and we made an effort to get to as many of the seminars as possible while touching base with people before and after.

It has reaped some rewards for us already so to anyone who is unsure – IPEXPO continues to a be a valuable networking event and once you’re done you can always pop over the Ski show next door afterwards and get kitted out for the slopes.

Where has all the content gone?

Dear Readers,

As you will have noticed all our old posts are not available right now. Fear not, we are working on getting them back. We’ve had some issues with the export from our old blog to this new hosted platform – timeouts and other nastiness.

In the mean time we will continue to post new content and soon the old content should be back with you.


Thanks for you patience,

The Full Circle team

Heavy snow in London, bad for travel but great for snowmen… and SEO rankings?!?!

Heavy snow causes travel chaos in London and most of the South East today but it was a great day for snowmen!

It’s been a couple of years since we had snow in London, but at the time of the last wee flurry in January 2007 I took a snap from our bedroom window and emailed it to the BBC Winterwatch weather site.  The photo was posted under the’s main site and as a side benefit resulted in number one spot on Google for the search ‘reuben cook’ for quite some months (how SEO works… the IT consulting business I founded, The Full Circle ( later spent thousands trying to achieve similar results :S )

Anyway, this isn’t a technology post other than the slight SEO reference that may raise a wry smile from those who know our SEO shenanigans, it’s about the weather!

From our bedroom window this morning! Reuben Cook
From our bedroom window this morning! Reuben Cook (24-Jan-2007)

This morning after deciding against driving half way down the M3 to Basingstoke and to ‘let the VPN take the strain’ I then had time to replicate the shot from a couple of years ago…

From our bedroom window this morning! Reuben Cook (02-Feb-2009)

…definately a drop more more this time!  (we measured 6″/15cm on the flat, and lots more in drifts).

The news from the BBC... stay at home!