Windows 10 – Adding a Domain Account plus Microsoft Account for synchronisation

As an active Microsoft partner (The Full Circle) we’ve participated in a number of Early Adopter and Technical Adoption Programs over the years for several Microsoft server products going back to Windows Server 2008.
We continue our commitment to keeping up to date with the latest Microsoft technologies including client O/S’s, the latest being Windows 10 scheduled for RTM in a few weeks time, July 29th

We also use our computers like our customers do – AD domain joined, centrally managed and monitored, etc.

Windows 10 has continued to improve synchronisation across multiple devices and platforms – today’s world includes several clients – Smartphones, Tablets, Desktops, etc.
Keeping user/profile elements such as Themes, passwords, IE favourites & history, etc. in sync is expected by all.
However, in Windows 10 this functionality like in Windows 8, relies on using a Microsoft Account to work.

Microsoft Accounts are not going to be the first choice for the Enterprise or even SMB environments, in corporate IT it’s domain joined all the way (either on-premise Active Directory or Azure AD – another post!).

This step-by-step series of screen grabs covers post installation steps to take your freshly deployed Windows 10 client computer (domain joined) to be synchronised with an existing Microsoft Account.

It’s relevant on build 10162 onwards, which in mid-July any ISO’s or updates from build 10166 were pulled from the Internet in anticipation of RTM on July 29th.



Domain Join (if during installation you may want to rename the computer account), Add User Account, setup sync, check settings are moving across your devices





Add a Microsoft Account


Enter Microsoft Account credentials


when entered, the Account page will show the Microsoft Account linked

Sync your settings & turn on


Individual sync settings (by default Theme was off in Build 10166)


If you use OneDrive, this will prompt to configure folder sync


Internet Explorer favorites will be populated


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