Create Search Server Express 2010 slipstream installation media


While reinstalling Search Server Express 2010 for a customer I found there wasn’t a hughe amount of help out there for how to slipstream Search Server Express 2010. The process isn’t really different to SharePoint Server 2010 Standard or Enterprise but does vary a little to Foundation.

Here is a little guidance on how to create slipstreamed installation media for Search Server Express 2010.


Search Serve Express 2010 –

SharePoint Foundation 2010 SP1 –

SharePoint 2010 Search Server SP1 –

SharePoint 2010 Latest CU (April 2013 for the purpose of this post)


  1. Extract the exe files into their own folders from a command prompt, e.g. searchserverexpress.exe /extract:c:\temp\SSE2010Extracted
  2. Repeat this for each download, e.g. \FoundationSP1, \SearchSP1, \AprilCU
  3. Copy the extracted files into the “updates” folder in the Search Server Express media folder from step 1 in the following order, overwriting as necessary –
    1. Foundation SP1
    2. Search Server SP1
    3. April 2013 CU



You can then run the setup.exe and it will install all Search Server Express with the latest updates.

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