Image is crucial, so where did they go?

The mysterious case of missing blog post images after migration.


Well, I wish it was mysterious. Actually, it was pretty obvious. The WordPress import tool isn’t exactly what you’d call robust.

Going into the wp-content/uploads folder on old hosting location (GoDaddy) and the new (Azure) showed that the WordPress import tool missed/failed to get the uploads folders from three years worth of blog posts.



So, all that was needed was to sync up the folders. No stress. Here we go.

Getting your FTP username and password for an Azure Web Site.

Thanks to Bertrand Le Roy’s blog post on where to find the user name because what you would consider to be the likely candidates for your login – the deployment user account shows as not set.

1. From your dashboard on Azure for the blog, download the publish profile –


2.  the XML file find your FTP user username and passwords –


Copy the missing files between the old and new location

1. Configure Filezilla with the connection to the FTP address listed on the dashboard.

2. Upload the missing years or months media from your old blog, either a local backup like the one I took or directly between the two FTP sites.

Why did it happen?

I’m sure a WordPress expert out there could reveal the mystery in detail, and migrating blogs isn’t exactly my day job – we’ll chalk this one down to “something went wrong but it was easy to fix”.

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