Letting go is never easy

Yard by yard, it’s always hard, but, inch by inch, it’s a cinch!IMG_0027IMG_0026

Part of being a techie in the 90’s and the early 00’s meant collecting collecting Floppy’s, CD, DVD’s and books of ever sort because is was still the most common, accessible and accepted media. Books gathered around and because, like so many things, changes are iterative with relatively few paradigm shifts in hardware, software and connectivity, so the need to throw away seldom feels overwhelming.

Today though with e-readers, the web and software as a service there isn’t much need to accumulate these WP_000813WP_000818wood pulp products in such prodigious amounts, indeed, the most people’s piles haven’t been added to in a serious way for some time now. Sadly though, changing some habits, even in an industry as rapidly changing as computer technology can prove difficult. Part of the problem is no doubt that the accumulation of this ground up forest was a symptom of a professional who knew their stuff so having it was a good thing regardless of how much space they took up. Eventually though, you look at it all and say, “what a bunch of junk, it’s gotta go”.WP_000817

To that end, Reuben and I have been clearing out his home office. So far, after 2 half day efforts we are about half way there. Unfortunately, we have gotten rid of a lot of the low hanging fruit, the more complex task of going through lose stacks of paper are now left.

To any others in the technology sector – have a look around your office and if anything that you have still appears on this list, it’s probably time to let go.

Here is the photosynth panoramic of the current state. One more day and we’ll get there!


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