Cloud Expo Europe 2012

So we were at the Cloud Expo Europe yesterday which we knew wasn’t going to be as good as the IPEXPO in Earl’s Court back in October simply due to some big vendor names not being there as well as being the lesser of the Olympia exhibition halls.

Still, we got some great contacts out of it and had an interesting chat with the guys from Fusion-IO (who have some scary fast IO accelerator technology) about one of our customers. The speakers at the presentations we went to were great but the one that really stood out was an industry panel done lead by Equinix.

While the venue was OK, and some vendors were conspicuously absent it still shows just how important cloud platforms and services have become by the explosion of companies in this fairly new and rapidly growing sector. I don’t think there will ever be another IT industry expo that doesn’t focus on cloud.

In light of the shift to cloud technology and the benefits it brings, we are now offering discounted support to our customers who use Cloud services like Office 365. By reducing your operational complexity, we think it’s only fair to reduce the cost of supporting that reduced complexity. Are you getting a discount from your IT Support company for using Cloud services?

On a lighter note, we had a lot of fun taking pictures of all the marketing gimmicks there. Enjoy.

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