HP Technology Exchange – London

HP ISS Technical Exchange

The Full Circle has been an long term HP partner and ProLiant server evangelist since the early 90’s and days of the Compaq Systempro. In 1994 Reuben Cook, Founder and CTO of The Full Circle lead a £.25M project to refresh the server messaging infrastructure of the then SmithKline Beecham (now Glaxo) using Compaq rack-mounted ProLiant servers (codenamed ‘Armada’ – no, not the opal laptops!).  The project was under Compaq NDA at the time and so early it was installed and commissioned before Compaq‟s official UK release date for the ProLiant – think back to 1600’s and 1.6” drives!

Today we continue to recommend and deploy ProLiant servers as first and only choice.  We have grown to become a trusted partner that participates in vendor supported early adopter programmes for new technologies e.g. when HP developed the C3000 blade enclosure known as the ‘Shorty’ – see HP case-study post we deployed an HP & AMD funded box.

Anyway, less of us and more about the ISS Technical Exchange! – for this event HP are bringing a large section of their Houston design engineers to London for a technology exchange. In a nutshell, this is where the HP guys that make the technology come to disclose how they see the future trending and tell you, in confidence, what they are engineering to address it. In some cases, they will fly in product prototypes for a ‘hands-on’ appraisal.

Event Objectives

The objective of this is for HP to open an interpersonal customer dialog to collect your impressions of the industry direction, their approach, plus the technological innovations they will be releasing. Most importantly they really want your input. They want to validate what they are seeing is consistent with your view plus see how we they can reshape or tailor their products to better meet your needs.

The structure is a large opening session that breaks into subject matter subgroups where you select from a range of technologies in tight workgroup sessions. The objective of this is to enable you to choose the key technologies that are of interest and be able to interact more closely in smaller groups.

The technologies that are likely to be discussed will range from server and blade futures, virtualization futures, workload management, firmware deployment advances, hardware management, power management, network technology futures, storage technology, disk i/o or SSD futures, even down to point product details like iLO 4 demos. You can take it a wide and deep range of technologies are being set up. The lay-up is a full day of sessions and there will be plenty of variety. However it is highly interpersonal and informal; so if you exhaust your key areas of interest you are free to depart any time that suits you.

The session will provide you with a unique IT planning view, but more importantly, the direct engagement to shape the future products HP will make for you hence I though you would like me to register you. Of course as you can imagine, the HP data will be highly sensitive and require an event specific confidentially agreement (CDA) signed to enter.


(and this maybe all we’ll be able to talk about… see CDA!)