Sort It Out! and learn the 3Rs–Reduce!, Reuse!, Recycle!

Whilst often blog about activities and technologies that have a positive effect on carbon reduction and green IT – see we are normally discussing technology activities such as virtualisation so this is a post from a different angle, but I felt compelled to share (and reuse Winking smile) this one..

A good friend of The Full Circle and friend through our child’s school is David Ayres. David and Simon Ritchie of have recently designed an interactive online game to educate schoolchildren about the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) – sustainability, and indeed resource reduction is key to our hearts.

Their client, Eco-Schools Northern Ireland, will determine its success by how many people play it. So please have a go. You can click on all the links in the game, in the blue bubbles, so you can learn more about the 3Rs and increase your chances of getting the highest score.

Its very simple to play just drag the items to the appropriate reuse or recycle option and see how high you can come in the rankings – email friends and challenge them to play.  My best score so far is 196 – with each incorrect answer points are deducted and you’re against the clock!

The Sort It Out! Game can be found on the eco-schools web site, click on the link on the home page to go to the game – or direct to


A high score!


So, have a wander to and see if you can better, and learn more about the 3Rs!