The dreaded “Not Monitored” status in System Centre Essentials 2010

I recently came across this issue on Essentials 2010 and soon found out that it’s common to previous versions of Operations Manager and Essentials. My fix certainly isn’t original since I came across it here and various similar mentions on but none explicitly mentioned Essentials 2010 (not the MS did a great job with changing anything under the hood – more mentions of 2007 than 2010 in the product).

This issue hinges off making one mistake – putting the SCE 2010 Machine into Maintenance Mode along with the other servers.

The lesson: Never put the server running System Centre Essentials 2010 into maintenance mode. It’s the same as putting the Root Management Server in Ops Manager into maintenance mode and that is bad.

The symptoms across the servers showed:

State – Not Monitored
Agent – Not Monitored
Windows Operation System – Not Monitored


There was also a mixture going on between the State, Agent and Windows OS; some where monitored, some not. There was no pattern between which where and which weren’t – physical, virtual; it didn’t matter. In addition the servers would not exit maintenance mode automatically.

The fix was the same for all of them:

1. On each effected server: stop the System Centre Management service (HealthService)

2. Go to C:Program FilesSystem Center Operations Manager 2007Health Service StateConnector Configuration Cache go into the management group folder and delete the OpsMgrConnector.Config.xml file

3. Go to C:Program FilesSystem Center Operations Manager 2007Health Service StateHealth Service Store and delete the contents of the folder.

4. Start the System Centre Management service (HealthService)

5. Wait a few minutes and watch your servers start to get monitored again.

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