The Full Circle is accepted onto the SBS “7” and “Aurora” UK RDP with more deployments than any other UK partner!

As previously posted @ we nominated not one, but three customers onto the SBS 7 UK RDP (Rapid Deployment Program), and today we find that all three have been accepted – more than any other UK partner!

As previously mentioned we can’t divulge who they are, but have outlined their profiles below:

1) A small but dominant South London Estate Agency who we supplied their existing SBS 2003 server running on HP ProLiant hardware over 5-years ago and is still running strong!, but the business owner acknowledges the need to upgrade in order to support the expansion of their business to 3-sites, from c.15 to c.20 staff – ideal for “Aurora” which is the business version of “Vail” so expect awesome backup, remote access, and who network management.

2) A fast growing, fun and funky UK based party & giftware designer & manufacturer who had an aging Dell PowerEdge server running SBS 2003 that we ‘rescued’ (made a bad out of the box config good) back in 2006.  We supplied a new HP server several months ago in anticipation of SBS7 (or rather SBS2008 R2 at the time… see  The server is running Hyper-V Server, and have performed a test P2V of their existing SBS 2003 server to test migration to the new server.

3) A London based but globally working drug discovery / life science company that we have provided managed IT services for since 2006 when we built a complete greenfield solution based on SBS 2003 growing rapidly with heavy SharePoint use for their genuinely global workforce.
We installed a new HP server recently, again running Hyper-V R2 to support P2V of existing HP ProLiant ML350 SBS2003 server which we originally supplied and upgraded along the way.