Migrating away (up!) from SBS2008 – licensing alerts

Recently replied to an old EBS2008 TAP friend and good mucker re: his plans to migrate away from EBS2008 and thought this post might help someone out there…

I’ll start by saying – no we haven’t done this with EBS!

But concur I’d be cautious on licensing.  We did something similar with our own production environment with that other license limited server product.. SBS2008.

With SBS2008 upgrading the domain/forest, and schema to R2 didn’t appear to be an issue but transferring the FSMO roles was.  SBS was soon (e.g. 24hrs) sending alerts stating “The FSMO role does not comply with the license policy“ – I’m pretty sure eventually seizing them back!!??!!


I found very little info on this last year, and in between adding R2 DC’s, Exchange 2010 (fun with mail routing), and adding SCE2010 Beta then RC into the network we ended up leaving the virtualised SBS2008 box in play – other priorities (customers!) have been more important.

Somewhat useless with helping find the cause – http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd443466%28WS.10%29.aspx

very little info on it too –


Hope this helps, if just a little!

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