Microsoft Partner Network 2009, Wembley Stadium, October 7th 2009

Today attending the Microsoft Partner Network 2009 at Wembley!

What Microsoft had to say before the event…

Event Overview
Please join the Microsoft UK team and a number of our executives for our primary UK channel event, Microsoft Partner Network 2009.
Targeted at Partner executive level contacts and sales leads we want to provide you with insights into Microsoft’s current strategies, the direction of our business, a selection of the innovative technology we’re launching this year and how we hope to work with you, our Partners, to drive joint success.

It’s a big year as we transition the Microsoft Partner Programme to the Microsoft Partner Network and we want to take the time to ensure you are getting the most out of your relationship with Microsoft.

This event will take a fresh look at the market opportunities, highlight potential strategies to ensure you continue to be ready to meet customers’ needs, and are ready and able to exploit opportunities that arise.

Exploring Microsoft Technology – James Akrigg, UK & British! Microsoft Technology Specialist

SharePoint on the Internet
investors in people and Ferrari website is SharePoint!

The Windows Wiggle 😉

Business value benefits of Windows 7…
Power saving via group policy
City of Miami claim $53 per desktop per year
Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 R2 – Direct Access… no more VPN!
Bitlocker to go – USB key encryption

R2 & Hyper-V – Live Migration, etc.

New version of SCE 2010 launched last week

UM demo with LCS, Exchange, Outlook to setup a conference call from a calendar item.

Live speech to text demo and it worked!

Windows phone announced yesterday

Microsoft Innovation – Andrew Herbert, MD MS Research Cambridge

MS Cambridge Labs…
next version of xbox with vision technology for natural user interface

“create seamless experiences that combine the power of software across the Internet using any device”

More at Microsoft Research

UK Perspective – Gordon Frazer, GM Microsoft UK

“the biggest room in my house is the room for improvement!” 😉

R&D $9.5B – long term, tenacious innovation

The Journey to Success – Andrew Akrigg
The tools are there – use them!
Microsoft GearUp Toolkit

Product Lifecyle information (www link…)

Microsoft Pinpoint

Microsoft RSS feeds

Microsoft Partner Player (web link)

Doing more…
MVP program
sharing your code on codeplex