Error while trying to restore SQL database to a cluster


Heavy-Equipment -256After a major round of engineering work on a large SQL cluster the DBA’s noted that they were unable to restore databases on one the clustered SQL instances. When they tried they got the following error message:

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlError: Cannot use file ‘’ for clustered server. Only formatted files on which the cluster resource of the server has a dependency can be used. Either the disk resource containing the file is not present in the cluster group or the cluster resource of the Sql Server does not have a dependency on it. (Microsoft.SqlServer.SmoExtended)

The specific scenario of why it happened was that the cluster was being migrated to VHDX’s and some resource dependencies were missed so the typical scenarios where this error comes up didn’t apply in quite the same way. I stepped in to troubleshoot this in isolation rather than part of the original engineering efforts so had to deduce a few things too figure out what had gone wrong.


Running the cluster validation wizard did not reveal any issues but knowing that the disks had undergone a great deal of change recently was useful.

The configuration inconsistency was obvious when running the ‘Show Dependencies Report’ on the SQL instance which, when compared with the other instances showed clear differences.


The fix

Launch failover cluster manager, select Roles > Your SQL Instance, in the details pane below select ‘Your SQL instance’ under the ‘other resources’ section.


Click on the properties button in the right hand pane and select the dependencies tab.


I went though and added all the missing resources. The only thing that didn’t need to be added was ‘SQL IP Address’.


No service restarts required or interruption to service.

Hope this helps.


Enable anonymous read access to a Document Library in Office 365 public sites

anonymousNo, no. Not that type of anonymous access. I’m sure this is of no interest to them.

When using an Office 365 public site and you create a document library or list, by default you have to be logged in to view  it. Not great if you want to publish a bunch of documents out to the public…anonymously.

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Our technical boundaries

As a business we get a large chunk of our work through partner organisations who are looking to fulfil projects but they either have capacity shortfalls or lack a particular specialisation.

Recently we were asked to define our technical boundaries more formally and so started with a visual representation which is easy to understand at a glance.

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Creating a VM in SCVMM 2012 R2 on a cluster


Creating a virtual machine in SCVMM for the first time is easy and so is creating a virtual machine that will be on a cluster, but one little check box can cause it to fail and could have you scratching your head.

This post shows the process step by step and the check box you might miss if adding a VM to a failover VM cluster which causes the process to fail. Not the kind of mistake you will make twice.

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Office 365 SharePoint Online access by an external user

This blog post covers the process you need to follow to accept an invitation to a SharePoint online site when you are an external user, e.g. being invited to your customer portal that we (The Full Circle) provide to our contracted services customers.

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