Recovering a SQL 2012 cluster from a corrupt master database


Emergency support can be a bit stressful, especially out of hours on a system you’ve never worked on before.

We recently needed to step in to help a customer who’s 2 node SQL cluster had gone down late one night and managed to get it backup in a few hours after a major disk corruption on the data and logs volume of cluster shared disks taking our the system databases and the user databases. Continue reading

Poster – Database mirroring in SQL Server 2008 R2

Database mirroring in SQL server 2008 R2

As part of some investigations into SQL Server Database Mirroring I did this diagram to show how it works and the pro’s and con’s.

While mirroring is deprecated and will be removed in future versions of SQL server, it is still there in SQL 2014 virtually unchanged and is a good solution for customers with Standard Edition and who can’t or won’t use clustering (SQL clusters aren’t supported in Hyper-V replicas).

Continue reading

Cut Over Migration and DirSync with Office 365

DragonsInstalling DirSync is not fun, easy or short. Do not make any assumptions about how long it will take to setup. I say this because I spent several wasted hours trying to use the default install and let it install SQL Express automatically and it failed with a whole host of different errors each time I uninstalled, cleaned up and tried again.

Official documentation was either out-dated or used methods which didn’t work, blogs were a mixed bag as well. This post tries to tie the various pieces of correct information together. Continue reading

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