Cut Over Migration and DirSync with Office 365

DragonsInstalling DirSync is not fun, easy or short. Do not make any assumptions about how long it will take to setup. I say this because I spent several wasted hours trying to use the default install and let it install SQL Express automatically and it failed with a whole host of different errors each time I uninstalled, cleaned up and tried again.

Official documentation was either out-dated or used methods which didn’t work, blogs were a mixed bag as well. This post tries to tie the various pieces of correct information together. Continue reading

Error while trying to restore SQL database to a cluster


Heavy-Equipment -256After a major round of engineering work on a large SQL cluster the DBA’s noted that they were unable to restore databases on one the clustered SQL instances. When they tried they got the following error message:

System.Data.SqlClient.SqlError: Cannot use file ‘’ for clustered server. Only formatted files on which the cluster resource of the server has a dependency can be used. Either the disk resource containing the file is not present in the cluster group or the cluster resource of the Sql Server does not have a dependency on it. (Microsoft.SqlServer.SmoExtended)

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Enable anonymous read access to a Document Library in Office 365 public sites

anonymousNo, no. Not that type of anonymous access. I’m sure this is of no interest to them.

When using an Office 365 public site and you create a document library or list, by default you have to be logged in to view  it. Not great if you want to publish a bunch of documents out to the public…anonymously.

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